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3 new HTTP headers that we actually need

June 9th, 2013

The World Wide Web has been one of the greatest revolutions in history in how we humans access information. Sadly, the protocol used for transmission of this information (HTTP) lacks an understanding of humans, with maybe the sole exception being headers about preferred languages. But not all humans are the same and not all internet connections and computers are the same either.

“User agents” should be just that, agents of the users, acting in their best interest. Here’s three suggestions to make HTTP better for us puny bags of water:

User-Tech-Savvyness-Score, a new HTTP header with number in the range of 0 (Your Mom) to 1 (Linus Torvalds) that is transmitted from the user agent to the server. If it’s not there, assume the user is not savvy. Browsers could offer this in their settings. A high score would indicate that users know the jargon and the workings of the intertubes—and user interfaces can reflect that (for example, no need to explain what a URL is for the millionth time).

CPU-Utilization, a new HTTP header that provides an average of CPU load over the last minute or so—ideal to avoid burned laps by those auto-loading videos and Canvas visualizations.

Bandwidth-Average, a new HTTP header that gives an average of the network bandwidth that was available to the browser in the last few minutes (in bits/s), so we can finally deliver assets that are more tailored to the user. How awesome would it be if we can easily decide if we should preload videos or maybe not load those custom fonts and help improve user sanity.

I was going to propose User-Likes-Autoplayed-Background-Music, but we all know the answer to that.

In any case, chances that these headers get implemented are slim—my point is to not forget that your content is consumed by human beings.

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