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Thanks to readers, $1,044 go to kids in Ferguson!

December 2nd, 2014

Last Tuesday, I’ve started a little Thanksgiving charity drive to get some money together for kids in Ferguson. I couldn’t be happier that I’ve sold $1,044 worth of my book with 100% of this going to Donors Choose projects in Ferguson, MO. (I’m coming up for the payment processor fees out of my own pocket, so all the $1,044 go directly to the kids!)

My wife and I are big proponents of supporting literacy—it’s the foundation on which all education, learning and communication with people that you can’t directly talk to is based. If you don’t start to read at an early age, chances are that you never get into it.

Unfortunately as a society we seem more obsessed about hate and fear than supporting those who can’t help themselves. Children are at the receiving end of racism and institutionalized blaming and shaming of minorities. No money for education but buying tanks for the police is just one of the many symptoms of this.

While it’s only a small gesture, we have to start somewhere. Consider regularly giving money and/or supporting local kids. There’s more that you can do than you can think of.

Here’s the projects fully or partially funded with the purchases:

In the interest of transparency, here’s 1) the Proof of donating to Donors Choose and 2) an anonymized CSV tally of all sales from Tuesday, November 25, up to Monday, December 1.

Thanks again!