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Is Learning to Make Your Website or App Retina-friendly Worth Your Time?

September 11th, 2012

Retinafy your web sites and apps! Grab my new ebook, now available!

While there are relatively few expensive laptops that have a Retina screen, practically all mobile devices have a high density screen. And if you think this is just an Apple-thing, you’re dead wrong—all Android phones and tablets, the Amazon Kindle Fire, the Playbook, and Windows Phones have high-density screens. On the enterprisey side of things, Microsoft announced that Windows 8 will have full support for high-density desktop computers and laptops.

Let’s put this in context: mobile internet usage has doubled last year, and right now about 20% of all web traffic in the US is from mobile devices. This means Retina screens will soon become the norm.

If your websites and apps aren’t Retina-friendly, you’re going to be showing standard definition websites in a high-definition world. It’s not going to be pretty.

I’ve done weeks of research on it and put together the first, definitive guide on the essentials to make your websites and apps shine on high density displays. You can learn all that in just 30 minutes. And it’s out of beta now—updated with the latest and greatest information.

30 minutes to websites and apps that shine on high density displays—in the amount of time it’ll take you to sort through what to read on the web, you could instead read my ebook and be half done with Retinafy-ing your websites already!

Learn more about the Retinafy ebook and grab your copy now!

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