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Say hello to Zepto.js v1.0 release candidate 1

April 9th, 2012

Zepto.js, the semicolon-free edition! That’s right, we removed all trailing semicolons from the source and tests. They were never needed anyway.

Completely new documentation site

We’ve relaunched the website to be a single-page documentation site—it works great on desktop browsers and as a home screen bookmark on iPads.

New methods:

New module:

  • “selector.js” with experimental support for jQuery CSS pseudo-selectors such as :visible and :first

Improvements in core:

  • added missing methods for Ember.js compatibility
  • improved creating DOM fragments from HTML with $()
  • enable append & family to accept multiple arguments
  • fix $.each context
  • fix calling get without index
  • fix calling val on empty collection
  • using css(property, '') removes the property
  • fix filter, is, and closest when operating on nodes that are detached from the document
  • remove end & andSelf from core to the new “stack.js” plugin
  • exposed important internal Zepto functions through the $.zepto object for
    extending or overriding Zepto functionality.
  • data method returns undefined when there is no data
  • support camelized names in data method

Apart from improving the basic data method in core, the “data.js” module got improvements as well:

  • better jQuery compatibility
  • ability to store functions
  • new removeData method


  • have correct ajaxComplete argument order for JSONP abort and timeout
  • JSONP requests that hit a 404 will now correctly invoke the error callback
  • add support for dataType: 'jsonp' in $.ajax
  • add support for data in $.ajaxJSONP
  • HTTP 304 status is treated as success instead of an error
  • made load more compatible with jQuery
  • allow Content-Type to be set via request headers
  • respect Content-Type of the response if dataType isn’t set
  • work around Chrome CORS bug when data is empty

Changes in other modules:

  • fix animate for edge cases such as when there is an animation within an animated element, and improve handling of transition CSS properties
  • new “singleTap” event
  • improved “longTap” detection

We also have some more examples in the main repository, plus a completely new README describing how to build, customize and contribute to Zepto; plus fully automated testing using PhantomJS.

The complete diff is here.

Please do report any bugs with v1.0rc1 on the issue tracker.

What’s next?

Work has already started on v1.0rc2, so v1.0 shouldn’t be too far off now. Thanks to all our awesome contributors, we couldn’t have done it without you! 🙂