Thomas Fuchs
Hi, I'm Thomas Fuchs. I'm the author of Zepto.js, of, and I'm a Ruby on Rails core alumnus. With Amy Hoy I'm building cheerful software, like Noko Time Tracking and Every Time Zone and write books like
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Pragmatic.js—A pragmatic style guide to JavaScript

September 13th, 2012

JavaScript is a modern, flexible and malleable scripting language, and it deserves to be treated as such—to this extend, I’ve extracted the style guide Mislav and I wrote for Zepto in a new project called Pragmatic.js.

There are a lot of style guides out there, but they are all a long and tedious read and, in my opinion, often read like people are scared of using JavaScript and want to make it look more like C or Java. But it’s not. It’s a super awesome scripting language with lots of wonderful features (and arguably some quirks as well!).

Writing pragmatic JavaScript is all about optimizing the process of writing JavaScript for you as a programmer, using all the facilities the language provides.

Read more (and feel free to contribute!) at the Pragmatic.js GitHub repository.