Thomas Fuchs
Hi, I'm Thomas Fuchs. I'm the author of Zepto.js, of, and I'm a Ruby on Rails core alumnus. With Amy Hoy I'm building cheerful software, like Noko Time Tracking and Every Time Zone and write books like
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10 apps I’d like to see

March 17th, 2012
  1. Email client that only sends and receives email once per day.
  2. An app that sets up and updates Xcode and command line developer tools automatically.
  3. Screen recording software that’s not weird.
  4. A version of pgAdmin that doesn’t look like it’s from 2001.
  5. A “keynote” app for live-“watching” Apple Keynotes, pulling content from live-blogging sites.
  6. An Android emulator/simulator that is actually usable.
  7. An app that automatically cleans up backups stored on S3 or Cloudfiles (with a server-side component and alerts if backups seem to be missing).
  8. A clean, usable and fast front-end.
  9. An app that knows about my apps and web apps, and automatically suggests how I can connect them together (APIs, integrations, etc.), with regular updates.
  10. And finally, Safari for Android.