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DOM Monster 1.3: save results for later with Jdrop

February 16th, 2011

DOM Monster is now at 1.3, and this version brings support for Jdrop, a “JSON in the cloud” service launched by fellow performance guru Steve Souders.

It’s easy— just go to Jdrop, connect with Twitter or Google, and then use the good old DOM Monster bookmarklet anywhere. You’ll notice that there’s a new “save to Jdrop” link. Just click it and boom! — it stores the results on Jdrop, so you can revisit the results later.

The most awesome thing about this is that you can use the DOM Monster on your mobile device, and then visit Jdrop on your desktop browser to easily analyze the results!

Here is Steve’s post introducing Jdrop.

Also new are some updates and bug fixes to better parse JavaScript library version numbers, and we have more cool stuff planned! Feel free to participate by submitting bug reports, patches and documentation on the DOM Monster’s GitHub site.