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Sneak preview on scripty2 UI controls

December 3rd, 2009

So how’s scripty2 progressing? To give you some more insight than just “Very well, thank you”, here’s a status update.

Next to the big chunks for the effects engine which has been stable for quite a while now, and the support for multi-touch input (hat tip to Nokia), several additions are queued up, the most important being the “UI behaviours”/”controls” part.

A big Thank You! to Andrew Dupont for adding the first batch of controls goodness to scripty2, including buttons, dialogs, overlays, sliders, autocompleters, and yes, an accordion.


Try the scripty2 UI demos! (alpha version, so there are some kinks!)

Those controls are written with the super-nice Prototype class system and custom events, so they’re super-tweakable and make it a snap to create extensions and customized versions. More controls are in the works, and there should be a beta release this year (or grab the code from github).

They support full keyboard navigation and provide accessibility hooks through WAI-ARIA.

The best thing is that they’re compatible with Themeroller (from jQuery UI) themes! So you can just reuse/tweak existing themes very easily, plus scripty2 comes with a special scriptaculous theme, thanks to Samo Korošec.

Bonus– here are two new sightings of scripty2 in the wild:

Enjoy, and hope you’ll build something cool with scripty2, too!