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Hi, I'm Thomas Fuchs. I'm the author of Zepto.js, of, and I'm a Ruby on Rails core alumnus. With Amy Hoy I'm building cheerful software, like Freckle Time Tracking and Every Time Zone and write books like
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scripty2 docs sneak peak

June 19th, 2009

While you can download scripty2 and generate the docs yourself, here’s a sneak preview on how they’re going to look. A very valid criticism concerning the documentation always was that it was wiki-based and incomplete. While I had a lot of helping hands, wiki vandalism (by either spammers or by folks who wanted to help but didn’t have a clue to the library) was too much to handle.

scripty2 docs: "mirror" transition

We’re now using PDoc, an awesome code-comment based JavaScript documentation system, which allows for a lot of customization (like the interactive transition demos above).

More soon!