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Create happy users (slides from my Ajax Experience presentation)

May 17th, 2006

First off, I’d like to say that San Francisco is a super-nice city (see our expressions on the photo!).

wollzelle in san francisco

Without further ado, here are the slides:

Or: Create happy users (PDF, 7.5 MB, © wollzelle)

Btw, the actual title is “Combining advanced JavaScript/DOM techniques and Ajax to build better User Interfaces”, but yeah, well, you know.

Ajaxian has some notes on presentation so be sure to check these out, too.

Anyway, the Ajax Experience was a really nice conference, and tons of (nice, or should I say gentle?) people attended it (and my talk, too!). Hope to see some of you again soon.

The one thing I didn’t like about the trip was all the flying around. The airlines and airports really have to get their stuff together. 5 out of 5 flights had delays. We’ve also missed a flight on the way back and had to stay at a shabby airport hotel, and where delayed about 22 (!) hours, because of this. And we’re still waiting for our luggage to arrive. Time for some agility for travelling.

Update: Our stuff has arrived now, but things are missing (like one of the iPods). Well, anyway, hope to be back in San Francisco later this year (read it here first!). :/