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Autocompleting text fields in 3 minutes video [Updated 2x]

June 29th, 2005

Actually, it’s less than 3 minutes. But watch the video for yourself:

Autocompleting text fields with 2 lines of code video

The video shows how to use auto_complete_for and the text_field_with_autocomplete helper in the up-and-coming next Ruby on Rails version.

Update (second version of video): With a tiny bit more effort, you can even do something like this:

Customized autocompleting text fields with some more lines of code video

2. Update: A more detailed tutorial and another video on how to use this can be found on Adrian Agafiteis weblog!

The AJAX autocompleter itself is a part of the web 2.0 javascript libs—and can be used independently of Rails (if you really want to, that is).