Thomas Fuchs
Hi, I'm Thomas Fuchs. I'm the author of Zepto.js, of, and I'm a Ruby on Rails core alumnus. With Amy Hoy I'm building cheerful software, like Freckle Time Tracking and Every Time Zone and write books like
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New beta

June 28th, 2005

A new beta version of is ready for downloading:

So, what’s new inside?

  • Updated to Prototype 1.3.0
  • Added autocompleting text fields w/ AJAX
  • Added Effect.Transitions.pulse
  • Added Effect.Pulsate and Effect.Fold effect by Justin Palmer
  • Added transitions by Mark Pilgrim: .full, .none
  • Added effects by Mark Pilgrim: Effect.Grow, Effect.Shrink
  • Added Element.setContentZoom() function
  • Added expanded Effect.Highlight (“Yellow Fade Technique”) to have user-defined colors and autodetecting the background color
  • New overridable options on Draggables/Sortables: zindex, starteffect, reverteffect, endeffect

Important bugs nailed:

  • Fixed sortables that are absolutely positioned
  • Fixed draggables on pages with no droppables
  • Fix a Gecko engine flicker on Sortables in dragdrop.js
  • Sortable.serialize now honors the only option on Sortable.create

which use the AJAX capabilities of Prototype.

The latest Ruby on Rails trunk has dedicated helper support for this.

Documentation will follow when I release a 1.0 version.