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JavaScript Drag-and-Drop extension for Prototype hitting beta

June 9th, 2005

My JavaScript Drag-and-Drop extension for Prototype is finally declared beta!


  • Any element can be declared draggable and/or a drop target
  • Callbacks (onDrop, onHover)
  • Integrated CSS class change to add class drophover if hovering over an possible droptarget
  • Constraints (drag only vertically or horizontally)
  • Sortable lists (UL, OL)
  • Sortable float containers (DIV containing any sort of floating elements)
  • Easy to do sortable lists that also can drag-and-drop to another list
  • Sort order can be serialized to use with Prototype’s Ajax functions
  • Uses the Effect2 library for transparency and snap-back visual effects

There are some minor issues left, but feel free to start using this—please report any bugs or annoyances you hit!