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JavaScript visual effects V2, beta version

May 30th, 2005

So, after some refactoring, renaming and general cleaning-up the Effects V2 stuff I finally declare it beta.

The effects require the Prototype JavaScript library (which is included with Ruby on Rails, but can be used in any web application framework).

UPDATE June 2: This page has demonstrations on the compatibility with various HTML elements


  • Time-based animation
    All animation is now time-based, not frame based. So, if you tell an effect to last exactly one second, it will do so, regardless of the rendering speed of the browser.
  • FPS settings
    Target frames-per-second option (will fall back to just not-so-many fps on slower computers)
  • Transition modifiers
    • linear
    • sinoidal (eases in/out) [default transition]
    • reverse
    • flicker (randomizes)
    • wobble (well, wobbles)
  • Set of combinable core effects
    • Scale()
    • Opacity()
    • MoveBy()
    • Parallel()
  • Callbacks
    Add your own javascripts with the four callbacks beforeStart, beforeUpdate, afterUpdate and afterFinish
  • Customization
    Lots of customization options with the core effects (namely .Scale)
  • Basic engine options
    • from/to: allows partial runs, (e.g. change an elements opactiy from 75% to 25%)
    • duration
    • fps
    • transition
    • sync (allows to call on rendering manually, used for .Parallel())
  • Powerful ‘prepackaged’ effects
    All these are thought of as examples you can tweak or use as templates for your own
    combinations of the core effects:

    • Fade() and Appear()
    • BlindUp() and BlindDown()
    • SlideUp() and SlideDown()
    • Puff()
    • Shake()
    • SwitchOff()
    • DropOut()

You can have a look at all this on the Effects V2 demo page!

Still missing is a new Version of Effect.Highlight and the “memory” ability of Effect.Scale; these two should be in shortly.

I really hope you’ll be able to add your own effect combinations and come up with cool stuff. Be sure to give to the community and share them!

Have fun.