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Effects, next level

May 17th, 2005

A quick glimpse of what’s going to happen for the next version of my Effects stuff in the wonderful Prototype javascript library

Check out the demo page for the next-generation effects.

These effects are thought of as a complete replacement of the current ones:

  • You can now specify durations (which are now completetely independent of your users computer speed as they are time-based!) in a default way
  • You can easily add your own Effects and combine them with each other.
  • You can choose among some transition modifiers (it defaults to a smooth sinoidal transition) and priovide your own

Think of them as more mature now.

Of course, the effects are there to support the user to help her or him to tell what’s going on (especially for visual feedback with an Ajax application). But I can see artistic uses, too.

Note: it’s a work in progress, so check back often (or get the RSS feed). I’m happy to hear your comments. I hope to have most of the “1.0” effects migrated by the end of this week.