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Zepto 0.8: Ajax, unified events, performance boost, animate()

November 4th, 2011

Zepto.js 0.8 is out! Here is what’s new and improved:

  • Cross-browser CSS transitions with the animate() method
  • Unified event handling with fn.on() & off()
  • Ajax global events, timeout support, and other improvements
  • Performance boost for selectors
  • 2 new add-ons: extended data support and animated show & hide methods
  • Zepto is now expected to work in all major browsers, mobile or desktop, except IE.

If you want more details, we have a full change log available.

Big thanks to core team member Mislav Marohnić for putting this release together, as well as to all the awesome Zepto contributors.

Download Zepto.js 0.8.