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10 reasons to attend my JavaScript Master Class

August 3rd, 2011

Ready? Here we go:

10. JavaScript is the new cool kid on the block. If blocks where made out of programming languages, that is.

9. You want to do something cooler with objects then just using them as hashes. We might have one or two things to show you—for example how prototype inheritance is like having a ghost butler. I kid you not.

8. Homework that is actually fun. In a brain-wrecking kind of way!

7. You get not one but two teachers. With Amy Hoy and yours truly, that’s double the awesome, and we can attend to any and all questions you might have.

6. You get PDFs of all slides, including a handy printable version; plus a video of the class that you can re-watch. And all comes without DRM, because DRM sucks and should go die in a fire.

5. Join the ranks of hundreds who already participated. And folks really love it, here’s a quote: “Just completed JavaScript Master Class. Mind is blown, awesome.”

4. You want to be truly meta. Just trust me on this one.

3. You want to get our JavaScript Performance ebook as a free bonus! Write awesome JavaScript and have it run smoothly.

2. You get to pick my brain in live text chat. As one consulting hour of yours truly runs in the upper 3-figures $$$ range, you’re getting a great deal here. Heck, I even do live coding examples.

….aaaaaand the number one reason is:

1. As my dear reader, you save! Use coupon code JSROCKS for $25 off—how awesome is that?

Grab your JavaScript Master Class seat now—next class is coming up at the end of August, with early bird tickets available for a short time only!