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Hi, I'm Thomas Fuchs. I'm the author of Zepto.js, of, and I'm a Ruby on Rails core alumnus. With Amy Hoy I'm building cheerful software, like Freckle Time Tracking and Every Time Zone and write books like
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Zepto.js v0.6 – DOM goodies & cleanups, experimental Firefox mobile support

May 14th, 2011

Zepto has seen some great bug fixes, jQuery compatibility improvements and of course some new features lately, so it’s time for a new release, Zepto.js v0.6 is now out for your download pleasure.

We’re holding at 141 forks and 1,507 watchers on GitHub—keep the goodness coming in.

Here’s what new since v0.5:

  • appendTo() and prependTo()
  • replaceWith()
  • empty(), add(), submit()
  • function arguments to add/remove/toggleClass
  • lots of cleanups and improvements across the board; especially regarding Ajax and Events

More stuff is coming as we are nearing v1.0, and big names are starting to pick it up; for example the next iteration of Zappos’ mobile site will use Zepto (not online yet!). Learn a bit more by having a look at my recent presentation on Zepto at JSConf 2011.

Also of note, Zepto now has experimental compatibility with Firefox mobile (proceed with caution—largely untested!).

Big thanks to all the contributors—please keep it coming!