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JavaScript drag-and-drop library maturing

June 19th, 2005

My JavaScript Drag-and-drop library extension for Prototype got some new features:

  • Sortables now work inside scrolled elements (demo page)
  • Sortables now accept an only parameter, to make only child elements with a specfic CSS class sortable, this way you can have non-sortable elements within your list or your floatables
  • Droppables now accept more than one CSS class when using accept.

Some other stuff that is on the TODO-List for a 1.0 release:

  • Make effects on dragging and dropping customizable (that is, make it completely override what happens when a drag starts and ends)
  • On Sortable, provide a way to give options to the underlying Draggables

You’ll find more, including some suggested features for a 2.0 release on the info page for the Drag-and-Drop extension.

Update: There seems to be some performance slowdown on Mozilla based browsers with the latest version. I’ve already made some optimizations, but more are needed. Please reports your findings on your browsers!