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Prototype.js vs. underscore.js showdown

June 7th, 2012

I recently ported my little CreditCard.js library from Prototype.js to use underscore.js, as I needed that in a project. Here’s what I’ve found—check out the original Prototype.js version first:

And here’s the same thing, but ported to underscore.js:

A few observations that, needless to say, are opinions, not scientific fact:

  • Prototype.js’ direct extensions of built-in prototypes make code cleaner and easier to read
  • Sometimes JavaScript-provided APIs like reduce have their arguments in just the wrong order; especially when used with chained method calls.
  • Some helper functions, like $w are missing in underscore.js
  • curry is more fun than bind, and I don’t need to specify a scope
  • Porting is pretty straight-forward, a testament to Prototype.js’ influential role in modern JavaScript

Prototype.js is still awesomesauce, and in many ways the mother of modern JavaScript libraries. I still prefer the syntax over many of the newer libraries. These newer libs have their own advantages, of course, mainly size and modularity. But sometimes I do long for the good old times.

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